• It's better than a Beautiful Bright Day when you can hear again.

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  • Beautiful Landscape with Family

    We Help You Hear

    for families & individuals

  • It's like coming in from the Frozen North when you can hear again.

    In From the Cold.

    we specialize in your exact needs

  • To Hear the Sounds Again: Fresh and Clear

    To Hear the Sounds

    you will not believe the difference
    Fresh & Clear

  • Healing Environments bring Health when you can hear the children again.

    Healing Environments

    Sounds of the Children Again

  • So many new memories come easily when you can hear again.

    So Many New Memories

    we add to your interaction

  • Bright Day is a day when I can hear again, what ever the age.

    Bright Day

    Hello can we talk again?






We have served North Dakota and Minnesota for over 50 years!

"As an independently owned business we are the largest regional volume distributor of hearing instruments. This translates into tangible value for our patients. We will go the extra mile to ensure our patients' hearing loss is fit correctly always using state of the art instruments. Our follow-up care is next to none."


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